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Our Bucks County PA Beauty Salon Specializes in Hair Cutting, Hair Coloring, Hair Extensions, Eyelash Extensions & Bridal Hair Salon Services. We are dedicated to our clients and only deliver the highest level of quality from the time you enter our salon.  Our attention to detail and years of experience are what makes us one of the best beauty salons in Bucks County PA.


BHB Salon is located in Bucks County PA on S. Main Street. We have been repeatedly rated one of the best hair salons in Bucks County PA for Beauty Salon Services, Hair Extensions, Hair Color, and much much more.


Our Bucks County PA Hair Stylists are among some of the best you will find in any city. Our Beauty Salon has become so popular that we not only serve local clients.  People drive from long distances for our services and we also serve our clients at their locations when it comes to Bridal Hair Styling and Make-up services.

Haircut, Color & Beauty Salon Services in Bucks County PABucks County PA Beauty Salon


Your hair is one of the first features others notice about you. Its no surprise, when you know your hair looks great, you'll feel more confident. Whether you want to transform your appearance by trying a new haircut or give your hair a little boost, hair coloring is the perfect technique to enhance the look you want. At BHB Salon, our stylists specialize in makeovers and updates, including highlights,hair extensions, make-up and keratin complex smoothing treatment in Bucks County PA



Choosing a Beauty Salon in Bucks County PA- New Hairstyles


There are many factors to consider when choosing a haircut. Aside from the physical appeal of your new style, maintainability, keeping the integrity of your hair and your lifestyle preferences can also play an important part when it comes to making the right choice.


• If you have fine hair, a medium or short one-length haircut can help to maintain your hair's natural fullness. Conversely, very thick hair can be deliberately thinned to minimize excess volume for greater manageability.


• Consider how often you want to visit the salon for trims before choosing your ideal haircut. Most short or highly-defined haircuts require trims every four to six weeks to maintain your look; longer haircuts can be managed with trims every six to ten weeks.


• Your lifestyle and the amount of time you want to spend styling your hair can help you choose your ideal haircut. If you frequently run short on time or have a very active lifestyle, you may want to opt for a haircut that requires minimal styling and care. Having the right styling tools (brushes, ect) and a professional blow dryer are also key to making styling quick and easy. Keep in mind that in many cases, short hair is faster to style and requires less product to maintain than long hair.


beauty salon in Bucks County PAMajor Benefits of Balayage


Balayage is a French word that means “to paint.” This unique freehand highlighting technique has maintained popularity for decades.


• Balayage highlights are a completely personalized way to color your hair. Your hair stylist can tailor your highlights to bring out your hair color and skin tone for a look that will complement every aspect of your appearance.


• The balayage technique offers a natural finish that cannot be replicated via other techniques, such as foils. As your balayage highlights grow out, there is no visible line so you can wear your highlights for longer between touchups to save both time and money at the hair salon.


• Balayage highlights are suitable for all types of hairstyles, including very short and very long hair. Furthermore, balayage can be used on both darker and lighter hair, so anyone can enjoy the look created by this amazing technique.


Other Beauty Salon Services in Bucks County, PA


There are many different hair coloring techniques available today, offering clients a unique look tailored to their skin color, face shape, and hairstyle. You can reach a hair colorist in Bucks County PA to discuss hair coloring services and other hair treatments when you call BHB Salon.


• Ombré means “shaded” in French. This hair coloring technique creates a transitional effect from the top of your head to the tips of your hair, with dark roots that gradually lighten throughout the length of your locks. The ombre look is typically created using the balayage technique and is popular among those who want low-maintenance color.


• Highlights and lowlights are techniques that color specific strands of your hair, lightening or darkening them to give your hair more color depth. This type of color can be blocky or naturally-textured, depending on the look you want to achieve.


• Full color refers to a complete color change for your hair, rather than blocking only certain sections. If you want to completely change or update your look, this may be the right choice for you. Full color treatments can be combined with highlights or lowlights to create a textured and natural look.


Grey coverage is hair coloring designed to restore the youthful look of aging hair. There are many techniques that work well to cover grey, including full color treatments and highlights, depending on your natural color and the amount of grey in your hair.



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